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Rags to Riches...

‘Rags to Riches’ started its life back in the summer of 2018 in 'Tom's room'. Ten songs written by yours truly, folksy and uplifting efforts I hope, maybe they are all a part of God's Big Plan?

And so the recording began, both E’s dropped to D and with capo positioned dangerously high up the fret board we spent five happy sunny days recording the 10 tracks that feature on this album. Big thanks to my fellow Musos, Pat Crilly, Pete Brown, Dave Phipps, Rob Clydesdale, Holly Rose Evans and Ruth Mignano for their patience, good humour, awesome talent and good looks.

So here we have it, 10 original self penned songs. I really hope you enjoy them and find something to take away with you. For Hard copies / physical copies of cd please direct message me.... or email Peter


Thanks for listening...

Peter Crossley



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